SMX Slow Motion Exercise

SMX Training (Slow Motion Exercise) represents a style of training that focuses on slow, deliberate movement that enables you to achieve your fitness goals substantially faster and in less time than standard gym methods. The brand needed to convey efficiency, assertiveness, and confidence in order to deliver the "Start Training Smarter" message.

I’ve been in business at the same location for 18 years with very little change over that time. In 2014, I decided big changes were needed, and came to the realization that there are many aspects of branding and marketing that I was simply too unqualified to undertake on my own. I had always absorbed the role of doing everything myself from signage, business cards, brochures, etc. which tended to get the job done but always with “lack-luster” results. This year my goal was to have every aspect of my business scream “first class” so I enlisted the help of experts. My primary source for these changes was Kelli Binnings. A client whom I’ve always considered a very savvy businessperson referred her to me. Upon meeting Kelli, I knew I need not look any further. She was able to address a wide spectrum of my business needs all under one roof. She was also very conscientious of critical time constraints that I was under and always came through to “make it happen.”

Kelli continues to follow up and address changes as my needs change. She is always very patient and easy to approach, which goes a long way when trying to make important decisions that affect my business.

Whether you need someone to hold your hand while creating a new brand from scratch, or if you just need someone to help push your current business into the next level, I have no doubt that you will be more than pleased with Kelli Binnings.