Creativity is a funny thing. It's affected by so much more than the person driven by it. As designers, we are expected to deliver 100% everyday but let's face it; reality doesn't work that way. Creativity nurtures and inspires. It is important to step away from the everyday and grow as creative professionals. 

This past January I said I was going to save less and travel more. More to myself as a creative and pursue what inspires, drives and motivates me. More than anything, this decision lead to my traveling, re-connecting with old friends, and being more flexible with my everyday workplace.

 Traveling alone gives me more confidence within my ability to network and build relationships with people. It's important to want to get out of my home office, to find what inspires and drives you. 

 At the Adobe Max Conference this year, I was selected for an interview based on the question, "what does creativity mean to you?" The fact is...creativity is freedom. Freedom to be in the moment. Enjoying who you are, where you are and being proud of how you got there.

The key is to understand that no two people are the same. As a creative individual I am responsible, everyday, for finding what consistently drives me to produce. Sometimes a change of scenery is all that I need.