A logo as a whole is not just a graphic image used to define a company, a logo is the first impression a company makes on a viewer and the opportunity to create a working relationship between a business and the client all through one brand, one image. It embodies a company's personality and creates the environment for which your company has established. As a business owner you want your logo to be as unique, memorable, and professional as you are. These qualities don't come cheap as much of the process is devoted to research, experimentation, and oh yeah did I say research. Just about anyone can throw together a "cool" looking graphic, some clip art, or have fun with an arbitrary font, but is that really what you want to have represent your company for many years to come? What you're paying for is something lasting, encompassing, and original.

The cost of a logo and/or a whole graphic design system can vary from small business to big business. One deciding factor can be based on how many people are expected to see it. This can be location, size of company i.e. number of employees, years in business … if rebranding, and client base i.e. B2B or individual clients. This may sound excessive but it all matters in how the logo is approached. Logos can range from $700 (on the super cheap end) to upwards of $50 K or in the case of say the Olympics for 2012, which isn't exactly my favorite of logos, cost in the millions. It's hard to believe that something that seems so simple could cost so much, but it's all in the process of how a logo comes about, the backend. Designers are visual communicators, artist of subconscious thought and it's that behind the scenes creativity you're getting when you get a successful logo or branding system.

Basically, you, as a person, have a personal style and things you wouldn't be caught dead in so why put your business in the potential spot for potential outward expression failure. You put thought into yourself and how you look everyday obviously caring about the first impressions you make, so take the time and invest in your business and do it right the first time because you rarely get a second chance to outweigh your competition.

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