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About Kelli

I am dead-serious about two things: my love for design and ping pong. (More about ping pong in a minute.) From concept to execution, I give clients everything I've got – experienced creative direction, brand development and implementation, and a peak level of enthusiasm and energy on every project, no matter how big or small. My job revolves around giving your brand a presence and a purpose in order to reach your core audience and beyond. I have worked on a variety of branding projects, including restaurants, fitness and lifestyle companies, clothing boutiques, event production agencies, and commercial products.

When I'm not riffing on design projects, you'll find me jostling for elbow room and waiting for that perfect moment in the photo pit at live music shows, and shooting film premieres, red carpet walks, and sporting events. In my spare time, I'm an avid fitness enthusiast, culinary explorer, coffee lover, and perpetual jokester. And, unless you are on China's Olympic table tennis team, I can destroy you in a head-to-head ping pong match. My backhand is as fierce as my sense of humor and work ethic.

I am never bored at work because I am one of the lucky few doing what I was born to. I constantly push myself as a creative and an individual and I am always searching for new creative outlets.

Aaron Williamson Aaron Williamson Fitness

I've had such an amazing career and despite having had a number of different websites, none of them really expressed who I am and what I've done. Kelli helped bring my journey and my vision to life in such a graphically amazing way. I had no idea of how I wanted my website to look, but after giving Kelli a “brain dump” of info she completely surpassed my expectations with the final product. And working with her was effortless compared to everyone else I had ever worked with up to this point. 

Andre Champagne Hollywood Trucks & Ecoluxe

I have found a designer I can trust to consistently deliver great work, on time, that's conceptually strong.

Emile Tujague III SMX Personal Training

I've been in business at the same location for 18 years with very little change over that time.  In 2014, I decided big changes were needed, and came to the realization that there are many aspects of branding and marketing that I was simply too unqualified to undertake on my own.  I had always absorbed the role of doing everything myself from signage, business cards, brochures, etc. which tended to get the job done but always with "lack-luster" results.   This year my goal was to have every aspect of my business scream "first class" so I enlisted the help of experts.  My primary source for these changes was Kelli Binnings.  A client whom I’ve always considered a very savvy businessperson referred her to me.  Upon meeting Kelli, I knew I need not look any further.  She was able to address a wide spectrum of my business needs all under one roof.  She was also very conscientious of critical time constraints that I was under and always came through to "make it happen."   
Kelli continues to follow up and address changes as my needs change.  She is always very patient and easy to approach, which goes a long way when trying to make important decisions that affect my business. 
Whether you need someone to hold your hand while creating a new brand from scratch, or if you just need someone to help push your current business into the next level, I have no doubt that you will be more than pleased with Kelli Binnings.

Emily Vanlandingham Locally Preserved

Kelli Binnings is one of the world’s most rare birds. She can accomplish any task on any deadline. She takes the time to ‘feel’ your vision and tackles it with creative touches that one can only dream of. I have not only cherished, but LOVED every minute working with her over the last year and look forward to many, many more. It is amazing what you can accomplish with the RIGHT creative mind behind you!

Derek Fitch Jolie Pearl Oyster Bar

I would highly recommend KB Digital Imaging & Design.  Kelli Binnings delivered a first-class product each and every time.  We asked a lot of Kelli, and she never hesitated to help.  Her dedication, work ethic, integrity, and attitude were extraordinary.  If you want peace of mind in knowing your investment is protected, I suggest you contact Kelli today.  You will not be disappointed!

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