Aaron Williamson Fitness

Actor, celebrity fitness trainer, and technical military advisor, Aaron Williamson has trained and sculpted the body's of Zac Efron, Jamie Foxx, Josh Brolin and James Marsden to name a few. With his years of tactical military experience and love of fitness, I wanted to create a brand for Aaron that represented strength and confidence in his purpose, to naturally motivate and inspire people to reach their goals and live healthier lifestyles.  

I’ve had such an amazing career and despite having had a number of different websites, none of them really expressed who I am and what I’ve done. Kelli helped bring my journey and my vision to life in such a graphically amazing way. I had no idea of how I wanted my website to look, but after giving Kelli a “brain dump” of info she completely surpassed my expectations with the final product. And working with her was effortless compared to everyone else I had ever worked with up to this point.